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Baldur's Gate 1 No-Reload Challenge

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Lazy Vulpes

Lazy Vulpes
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Okay, I will begin my no-reload challenge.

Important mods components to notice are:
Apply Concentration Check On Damage
Awaken On Damage
Allow All Races to Dual class
Allow Equipping Armor in Combat
Remain Hidden On Pickpocket Success
Remove all race-class restrictions
Change Free Action to Protect Against Stun
Game Over Only On Party Death
Remove item shattering
Exotic Weapons For Taerom
Disable hostile reaction after charm
Exotic Item Pack
Cast Spells from Scrolls (and Other Items) at Character Level
True Grandmastery
Higher HP on Level Up -> Maximum
Maximum HP for NPCs -> For Party-Joinable NPCs Only
Identify All Items
Easy Spell Learning -> 100% Learn Spells and No Maximum Cap
Unlimited Ammo Stacking
Unlimited Gem and Jewelry Stacking
Unlimited Potion Stacking
Unlimited Scroll Stacking
Change Spiritual Hammer into a ranged force weapon
Allow Dispel/Remove Magic to take down Globes of Invulnerability
Magical arrows and bolts deal bonus damage equal to their enchantment level
Restore innate disease immunity to Paladins
Additional racial traits for Dwarves
Additional racial traits for Gnomes
Allow Breach to take down Stoneskin effects applied by items
Instant casting for warrior innates
Revised Bhaalpowers -> Enhance the Bhaalpowers and standardize their casting time
Make druidic shapeshifting uninterruptable
Expanded saving throw bonus tables for Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings
Slightly expanded storage capacity for containers -> Use the recommended storage capacity value (999)

When I die and my party pull it through, I will act as if I'm still dead. So ether a restoration spell must be used, my party will have to return back to a temple, or continue on without me.

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Edit: I guess I can't post images yet.. Well, see you in a few days then..

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Lazy Vulpes wrote...
Posted Image

Edit: I guess I can't post images yet.. Well, see you in a few days then..

Just to note that your images show up OK when I quote you, so it's not a problem with the image itself.


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Blackmalkin, page 2 of this forum has a no xp thread, although I suspect you're having more fun working it out as you go. Good luck.

Click here


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No experience run, second try:

This time I gave Inexperientia 18 charisma, 15 strength and 9 intelligence. I chose Charm and Identify as starting spells. Rest is the same.

I robbed the Inn, bought helm and studded leather (no bow this time) and went for the potions. Tried robbing the priest of Oghma, got blocked by the guard, held by the priest and killed by the guard.

Posted Image

That one was quick.


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Gate70 wrote...
Blackmalkin, page 2 of this forum has a no xp thread, although I suspect you're having more fun working it out as you go.

Thanks for the link. And yes, your suspicion is correct.

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Fodme the Cleric/Illusionist.

Binky the Buffoon first. Then Armour of Faith, Protection from Evil and Flame Blade are enough to kill a wild dog, barkskin helping with a second before a grease turn combo. This gives me time to cast detect evil, chant, aid and shillelagh before they return. In fact, they're so slow I add in a quick burning hands and still have time for a scorcher.

I only have two spells left so cast mirror images and attack the remaining skeleton with the still-active shillelagh. That doesn't seem fair so I use my final spell. Silly boy.

New spells and a rest. Know alignment confirms the evilness of an ogrillion so I cast reflected image, bless and spiritual hammer. He's too much for me so I cast spook and try a magic stone, but he returns even though panic has set in and hits me. The magic stone spell is wasted so I run away, use a special healing ability and doom him. Next I resist fire/cold (eh?) and cast another scorcher (ah, OK).

Another rest and some more new spells memorised, but some old ones too. Then I stumble across an ogre berserker, ogrillion and flind. I want to run away but have to check for traps first. There are none so off I trot, with them in close pursuit. A magic stone bounces off the ogre, then I start casting spells. The new ones are Draw Upon Holy Might and an accidental (yeah right) slow poison in the heat of battle.

I check my spell books and abilities. Yes yes, that's every spell known to gnome cast so I change them again and rest.

Two mustard jellies slow me, then poison me. I glug a green potion and slo-mo run away to rest and return. Narcillus Harwilliger Neen resists silence and turns invisible but not before I have doomed him. I cast mirror images which saves me from a lightning bolt but it bounces off a rock and hits both of us on the way back. He adds a Melf's Acid Arrow so I retreatto heal. Bless, aid and DUHM means a single bullet kills him and I move in to loot his corpse before running from the jellies again.

He had two interesting scrolls (one is level 3 so not available yet) so after a store-run I decide to brave the amazons and try out the other spell. All I find is a note flapping on the ground. "Come back after visiting the mine shorty". Oooh, they'll pay for that.

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Fodme the Cleric/Illusionist.

Nashkel mine
Kobolds = sanctuary. Traps on a bridge = mirror images. Kobolds guarding the core = sleep. Ghoul to the east = 3 bullets.
Not so fast Mulahey. Unfortunately my timing is off and I take some hits while holding my sling. The sleepy kobolds take a bullet each, while the pesky skeletons are eventually herded outside. I heal and cast silence, then shield, mirror image and DUHM before crossing weapons with the blind/dumb cleric. After a while he starts casting so I move back and aim my sling.

I'm a terrible shot (not that my melee was any better). I decide to blind him again as I can't count to 10 turns reliably. When he dies I loot his body and a chest before leaving. Then I remember the skeletons outside as they attack, switch to my hammer and turn undead again. A sanctuary sees me past two oozes, and to Lamahla. Her amazons look well equipped so I decide to return when my backpack is emptied.

Mrs Joseph has locked her door so I leave a ring outside in case I return later. Berrun Ghastkill pats me on the back and I barely have time to cast protection from fear and shield before bumping into Nimbul. Even blinded he is difficult to hit with a sling so I cast hold person (saved), doom then two webs. Much easier

So, the Amazons. With two held, web and grease it should be easy but first Maneira has to be blinded then Telka has other ideas. I try one last spell before leaving and I am lucky to blind her too meaning I can stick around for a bit longer. I can't kill them quickly enough though and they start to chase me, forcing a sanctuary. I buff and return to cast a scorcher, then move around as Lamahla dies so the other three all feel the heat. I move again as Zeela adds another entangle but my hands are burning. Maneira is running scared but I can't shoot straight. Sleep fails so I cast DUHM to improve my aim. I have to fight off a war dog and gnoll to loot the corpses.

(Too early for the Amazons really & lucky to get away with it. I always underestimate them).


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Inxeperientia the Third:

This time I managed to get higher strength (though still rather too low for forcing locks):

Posted Image

Same spells and weapon proficiencies as in the previous run. I took different equipment this time – a club and a large shield (in addition to studded leather and helm). I also had different plan this time, but started in the same way: robbed the Inn, gained two healing potions (without problems this time) and left Candlekeep. Robbed Imoen, looted the bodies, went to Beregost (grabbing ring of protection along the way). Tried pickpocketing Algernon, failed, charmed him, tried again, failed again, went downstairs to rest, repeated until succeeded. Went south, charmed green hobgoblin, watched him die, grabbed and equipped Boots of Stealth. Went southeast to the location with gnome eager to part with Protection from Magic scroll, went back north, got ambushed by worgs and gnolls, got hit, but gulped potion and escaped.

Posted Image

Reached FAI, grabbed the Ring of Wizardry, sneaked inside, sold the loot, robbed Jaheira of invisibility potion, bought heroic reputation. Sneaked north to Ulgoth’s Beard, talked to Shandalar, got teleported to the island. Used anti-magic scroll, sneaked to Garan, charmed him and got him killed by bear to loot his body – acquired scroll of Dimension Door among others (which was the reason I came here). Then sneaked to the end of the dungeon, charmed Dezkiel, got him killed by wolves and grabbed the cloak.

Posted Image
[I hope this compilation of 4 sceenshots is confusing – I made a serious effort to make it so.]

Went upstairs and got teleported back (while being hidden), sneaked away from Shandalar (I think I would have gained some experience if he had noticed me), sold the loot, went south to the bridge and then...

Posted Image

How the hell am I going to teleport myself through this!? I guess I just won’t. I stopped playing for a while, hoping to figure some other way to utilize Dimension Door.

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Some time later: I didn’t figure anything, sold the scroll and came back to plan A. Went south, charmed Aoln to lead a xvart to the ogre, charmed the ogre and ordered him to run around the xvart. When mighty xvart have killed the ogre I grabbed the loot and equipped the Girdle of Piercing.

Posted Image
[No Aoln was hurt during the production of these scrennshots.]

Went to Beregost, did some robbing, bought Shadow Armor, and exchanged helms with Kagain (for the looks). Went farther south, charmed the Flaming Fist mercenary, watched ogrillons kill him and acquired even prettier helmet. Continued south to Nashkel, took some time to admire Neira’s helm, but decided that there are no strong man around to kill her. Went to the Carnival to buy Protection from Undead scroll. Didn’t find any, so went west and robbed a little girl. Got ambushed by 3 skeletons – one with bow, one with darts (or throwing daggers), but none hit – and then by gnolls – charmed one to outmaneuver them and escape. Went to the mines, sneaked to Mulahey, charmed him, got him killed by kobolds. Almost failed, as Mulahey had morale failure and went berserk. Good thing I changed his weapon to fist – he just knocked out one kobold before dying.

Posted Image

Leafed through letters, grabbed the loot, went to the surface – this time sneaking past the jellies. Used anti-undead scroll, robbed the graves (especially potion of invisibility, wand of summoning and potion of freedom) and took the dagger +2. Went to the Carnival, sold the loot, then to Nashkel, charmed Nimbul made him cast Missiles on himself, watched him got shot to death by soldiers, looted the body and sold the loot (this time I didn’t keep the boots, I had -5 against missiles without it) and headed north to Larswood (talking to Tranzig is unnecessary). Sneaked to Teven, got transported to the camp, escaped Tazok, entered the main tent.

Gulped potion of absorption, charmed Ender, Hakt and Venkt. Had Venkt cast Haste, positioned him and Hakt to be struck by Lightning Bolt but failed. Ordered Hakt to catch the lighting – he managed to get hit twice, but lived. I ordered Venkt to attack Britik and waited for him to die (Venkt, not Britik). Same with Hakt. Only that he actually hit Britik and the latter failed his save. So I ordered Hakt to escape in order to get Britik away from Raemon, then moved to heal the gnoll. Raemon saw me and moved to initiate dialogue, Britik turned as if he wanted to hit me (even though he was still neutral, which was strange on it’s own), but I hid immediately. Britik finished Hakt, then I grabbed his bow, healed Britik again, hid from Raemon again, looted Venkt and moved to the exit. Recalled not looting the chest (too busy watching the Lightning Bolt), so sneaked back, looted the chest and went away.

Posted Image

Went to Ulgoth’s Beard again to sell the loot and buy Ring of Invisibility. Went southwest to rob the coastal cave, buying scrolls of Invisibility and Mirror Image at Thalantyr’s. At the coast sneaked past sirines, cast Mirror Image, went in, grabbed the loot, run around the corner to hide and went out without triggering the trap (Maybe it just doesn’t work at all? I’m talking about trap located on the right from the entrance). Raised constitution to 18 (and HP to 10), kept the wand paralyzation and potion of absorption, sold the rest at Thalantyr’s and bought scrolls and potions of both fire and frost resistance (better safe then sorry).

Entered Cloakwood, sneaked towards the spider area, got ambushed by ettercaps and escaped, drunk potion of freedom and cast Invisibility from scroll, then moved on. The Invisibility was supposed to protect me from wyvern ambushes, but it didn’t work and one wyvern nearly got me. Took the potion from a druid, cast Invisibility again and rested. Awoke after 8 hours, well rested and quite visible. Then I recalled – the spell works true to it’s description (lasting 24 hours) in BG 2, not in BG 1. Moved farther and luckily reached the mine without being ambushed again. Charmed 2 guards, then Drassus and waited for Genthore to kill him. Looted the body, equipped the boots and entered the mines. Used last scroll of Invisibility, because sneaking past ghasts scares me. Reached the last level, charmed the guard and protected myself from lighting, fire, cold and mind affecting spells (potion of clarity from Candlekeep). Cast Mirror Image from scroll, triggered the traps and charmed Davaeorn – in first try. Waited until the battle horrors did their job, then lured them away using the charmed guard (I just don’t feel safe looting the body within the range of their swords – even if I just rerolled the sneaking roll).

Posted Image

Retreated from Cloakwood and headed straight to Baldur’s Gate – forgetting about talking to Vai again. So I bought invisibility potions, scroll and potion of fire protection, increased dexterity to 20, grabbed the Helm of Balduran (15 HP) and went to Beregost. Raised reputation to 19 and came back. Bought some potions of master thievery (only 3 at Sorcerous Sundries but lots of in Shop of Silence). Drunk two of them and robbed enough to buy everything needed to finish the game. Equipped Gauntlets of Weapon Skill and Shield of the Falling Stars (robbed a child again). Then sneaked inside Iron Throne building, learned the needed information from a merchant, went to Eltan and got transported to Candlekeep. Got arrested, got teleported, speedily sneaked outside (oil of speed) and went to Ulgoth’s Beard. Bought the staff +3, Greater Malison and Emotion scrolls. Went to Baldur’s Gate, threw the club away, sold the shield and bought equipment for the palace fight (more on this in a moment). Went to Undercellar, charmed a courtesan to block Slythe (just in case), gulped oil of speed and changed boots (to Boots of Stealth). Slythe had good saving throws, but I charmed him in third try. He didn’t even move, as I could hide in shadows immediately after unsuccessful charming.

Posted Image

Then I drunk enough potions to raise Pick Pockets skill to 200%, positioned the courtesan as close to Slythe as possible (again – just in case), then stole invitation and letter from Sarevok. Then I moved to the palace. Here’s my inventory at that moment:

Posted Image

I only planned on using arrows of dispelling, arrows of biting and piercing were just an insurance. I forgot about bringing the second wand of paralyzation (left it in a stash). Once inside I showed my invitation again, summoned one wave of hobgoblins (another insurance) and found them hard to control. Drunk 2 potions of mind focusing, oil of speed, potion of perception, and cast Mirror Image (strength potion was drunk earlier). While hidden, moved in such a way that I could see Liia but not Belt. Charmed Liia, moved her to the side room, cast Invisibility on her and positioned her far away from upcoming battle. Then I revealed myself. None of the doppelganger attacked me – most attacked Belt, one massacred my hobgoblins (all except one) and joined the others. I cast Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere on Belt (which didn’t stop the doppelgangers from attacking him), then used Malison and Emotion, shooting arrows of dispelling inbetween. Unfortunately, spells affected not only the enemies, but also the guards. Only one doppelganger was affected by Emotion and only one guard wasn’t.

Posted Image

Not as I planned. I produced a wand of paralyzation and started using it, in the meantime finishing the dispelling work. Paralyzed only one before Resilient Sphere expired. Remaining hobgoblin was shooting so I ordered him to get lost (I couldn’t just kill him, because I wasn’t absolutely sure that I won’t get experience for that). Paralyzed second doppelganger, while the guard finished the first. I heard someone using a bow – the hobgoblin came back. Told him to get away once more and resumed paralyzing. Then I noticed the level up symbol on my portrait. I scrolled the log and learned the terrible truth – it was the hobgoblin who dealt the final blow to the doppelganger, not the guard! That was that shot I heard. Even so, I didn’t kill the damned beast, as I decided to continue. I might have gotten the experience (1333 in each class, leveled as thief), but I still had 0 kills, so “pacifist achievement” was still in my range (and I didn’t use that level up, of course).

Posted Image

So, I was now keeping the hobgoblin on a shorter leash – I ordered him run around the fighters (to be honest, I was hoping he’ll have a heart attack), paralyzed second doppelganger. Belt managed to kill one non-paralyzed doppelganger and died, while I paralyzed another and cursed hobgoblin finally disappeared. Only one enemy remained on the move. He charged at me, but I paralyzed him in the next round. Then I paralyzed the emotional one. And just in time – a moment later spell have expired. Guards woke up and killed paralyzed doppelgangers.

Posted Image

I approached Liia, showed her the assassin’s letter, waited for Sarevok to escape and got teleported.

Posted Image

Restocked and entered the maze. Used anti-magic scroll (stolen from Ramazith’s home) and sneaked to the Undercity, equipping the Boots of Stealth while passing doomguards and skeleton warriors. I rested in Undercity (to get rid of anti-magic) and sneaked to the temple. There I buffed: oil of speed, potion of storm giant strength, potion of magic shielding, potion of power, Draw Upon Holy Might and Mirror Image. Character sheet after buffing:

Posted Image
[My HP were lowered to 13 by potion of power. Rigid Thinking stands for potion of mind focusing.]

Then I backstabbed Sarevok five times with staff +3, drinking potions of invisibility after each strike. Webs and Stinking Clouds (awful lot of them for some reason) made it easier as the saving throws were telling me when I can drink another potion. When Sarevok died I still had one potion left (and unused Ring of Invisibility, though using it wouldn’t be as easy).

Posted Image
[That's the semi-final backstab.]

So I failed at no experience run again, but succeeded in no leveling and no killing run.

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Serg BlackStrider

Serg BlackStrider
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Impressive work, Blackmalkin!


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Awesome Blackmalkin!

Major Battle: Mulahey
Tactics: Imoen used set trap, but it didn’t work, so everyone had to use healing potions for most of the fight, because Mulahey had cast silence, and hold person for most of the fight. Jaheira also died.
Posted Image

Major Battle: Nimbul
Tactics: Everyone attacked him regularly, and it was an NPC that killed him. Fairly easy.
Posted Image

Major Battle: Tranzig
Tactics: Khalid cast shatter magic, and Jaheira and Branwen cast Light Cure Wounds.
Posted Image

Current Party:
Melanari: Bowslinger - 3
Imoen: Adventurer - 4
Jaheira: Fighter/Druid - 1/1
Khalid: Wizard Slayer - 3
Kivan: Archer - 3
Branwen: Battleguard of Tempus - 3

Note: I think I'm going to have to drop Jaheira for Xan if I decide to go straight of Tazok, or drop Kivan for Xan and mess around in the wilderness for a little bit. Also, I really need to learn to pre-buff before fights, but I'm used to the Minimal Reload Challenge rule of "No Pre-buffs".

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Good going Blackmalkin,

Fodme the Cleric/Illusionist. (write-up of yesterday...)

Charm person, another new spell. Algernon seems to be the expert here, but not so good against Tranzig and his Melf's Acid Arrow. I'm sure Algernon would want me to take his cloak (it looks different to how I remember it).

Tranzig's Magic Missiles bounce off my shield spell, while I cast web, doom and blindness (saved). After several more sets of Magic Missiles he casts a lightning bolt. That's much better. I'm only 70% resistant (boots and correct robe choice), and my mirror images could fail. I save half the damage and the resistances diminish the rest, while he fries before I can kill him.

Silke (thespian extraordinaire) is blinded but turns invisible so I prod around until she appears, and retreat to avoid her spell. I'm in little danger with the same buffs as against Tranzig, and sling her until she becomes fully visible.

More priest spells, one in particular of interest today. Joseph is so heavy it requires two of my three strength spells to get him to safety. I immediately memorise three different spells and rest before visiting the bandit camp.

My first act is to barkskin a skeleton, then cast a glyph of warding before trying to goad a Chill hobgoblin into it. The glyph triggers before the hobgoblin arrives and I take damage, lesson learnt. As the skeleton perishes I cast holy smite and miss the hobgoblin. I'm having a bad spell day, so swap one of the three and rest after scorching the hobgoblin.

My second attempt at holy smite hits a hobgoblin and I finish it with a bullet. The next hobgoblin saves against rigid thinking so I charm it (spell, not using the cloak charms) then send it towards Ardenor Crush. It won't last long so I get the glyph of warding spell sorted and then use scorcher (1 dead, Ardenor wounded), burning hands, doom. blindness, sleep (saved), hold and my war hammer to finish the first named enemy in the camp.

A hobgoblin saves against unholy blight so I don't know if it would have worked, instead casting shield and using my hammer. Anothe save against rigid thinking means I have to cast sleep and dodge arrows while finding Taugosz Khosann. I doom him then realise rigid thinking and charm are both depleted, so hold him instead and hammer away. Credus arrives and stands next to him so I cast a scorcher and he's dead. Another bandit arrives so I cast burning hands onto Taugosz and hit hit twice with my hammer to send him into the afterlife.

The bandit runs out of arrows so I cast grease and sling him to the ground. I have to kill two more before I can loot the body of Taugosz, then cast cure medium wounds and strength to head back to a store. On my return the few remaining bandits put up serious resistance, forcing another rest and a store run.

The main bandit tent is entered under sanctuary. Venkt saves against three glyphs of warding and my defences are breaking apart. Eventually I turn and run, but the Melf's Acid Arrows take me to badly wounded as I leave. I glug a blue potion and continue running, but more missiles and Melf's follow. I can see a hit coming but am unable to glug another potion in time.

Bit of a waste of a Cleric/illusionist there. Oh well, not sure what to try next or have a break.

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Serg BlackStrider

Serg BlackStrider
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Really sad news, Gate...:(


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Sorry for your loss Gate.

Final Update.

Major Battle: Bassilus
Tactics: Before the battle Xan cast armor, Branwen cast Resist Fear, and Jaheira cast Bless. In the middle of the fight, targets switched from Bassilus to a random skeleton and thinned out the enemies’ core offense. Xan and Khalid almost died a couple of times.
Posted Image

Melanari had died at the hands of an orc shaman, and his minions, as well as Khalid, Xan, and Jaheira. Imoen died at the hands of Melanari, and Branwen reached her Morale break, and ran into some hobgoblins.
Posted Image

Note: Just as I was starting to pre-buff, I got an orc shaman. Also, I think trading out Kivan for Xan was a bad idea.

Serg BlackStrider

Serg BlackStrider
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What a slaughter, SapphireIce... More focus and better luck next time.

Lazy Vulpes

Lazy Vulpes
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I hope I can post images by now..

Anyway, I actually decided to start a new. Pretty much the same character, but this time with no kit and proficient with staffs.

Here's my progress so far..

Stole imoens items and booted her.
Stole xzar and motorons items and booted them.
Found a Diamond in a tree.
Took Ring of Protection +1 on the way to FAI.
Took ring of wizardry near FAI.
Bought a round and toasted to Marls dead son.
Bought Firebead's book.
Returned Firebead's book.
Found Miriannes husbands letter.
Killed some Hogolblings to get Zhurlong's boots.
Returned Mirianne's husbands letter.
Killed Karlat.
Returned Zhurlong's boots.
Killed some Gnolls to get Perdue's Shortsword.
Did the Melicamp quest. (I was lucky, and he survived the process)
Returned Perdue's Shortsword.
Killed 4 Huge Spiders in a house in Berregost..
Killed Tarnesh (used Potion of Clarity)
Posted ImagePosted Image
Delivered the spider, wine, and boots to Landrin  in FAI.
Killed some Hobgoblings to get Joia's Flamedance ring.
Killed some Ankhegs.
Returned Joia's Flamedance ring.
Paied 4k gold and a Ankheg head for an ankheg armour.
Killed Silke (used a Oil of Speed).
Killed Bassilus.
Killed Malkax, Geltik and Zargal.
Returned Bassilus Holy Symbol to Priest of Lathander.
Killed 3(mod) Flaming Fist Mecenaries and some Hobgolblings on the way to Naskhel.
Found an Ankheg armour at a mark in Naskhel.
Killed Neria.
Talked to Noober.
Killed Cattack and his group.
Killed Jenkai.
Killed Ogre Mage
Killed Lendarn (used a Oil of Speed).
Killed Undead Knight.
Completed "A missing ghostly knight".
Removed curse at Tempel of Lethander.
Killed Meilum
Got a Ankheg armour from Taerom.
Killed some more Ankhegs.
Returned Brun's sons dead body.
Gave 100g to Brun.
Killed GreyWolf.
(Kolbold lemps flying all over the place)
Killed Mulahey.
Posted Image

Killed some assasins (used Potion of Magic Protection and Potion of Ivnulnerability).
Posted Image

Killed Nimbul.
Posted Image

Killed Tranzig.
Posted Image

Killed some Ankhegs.
Killed Taugosz Khosann
Posted Image

Killed Raemon, Venkt, Hakt and Britik
Posted Image

Killed a Flaming Fist Mercenary.
Recruited Viconia.
Found a cloak of non-detection in cloak wood.
"Returned" the cloak to Gurke.
Recruited Coran
Killed Centeol the spider queen.
Returned Chelak's body to Tiber.
Killed a Hamadryad and her puppies.
Killed some Wyverns in a cave.
Killed Drasus, Rezdan, Genthore and Kysus.
Killed Hareishan.
Killed Davaeorn.
Posted Image

Went to Ulgoth's Beard and bought a +3 staff.
Fetched a Manual of Bodily Health.
Fetched a Manual of Quickness of Action
Killed Desreta ad Vay-ya.
Killed Yago.
Killed 5 Ogre Mages (used potion of magic blocking)
Killed Niemain, Oulam, Wheber Ott and William Garst
Killed a Ogre Mage and a few carrior crawlers in sewers.
Fetched some bodies in sewers and delivered them to Arkion.
Killed Arkion.
Gave Arkion's Bloodstone amulet to Nemphre.
Killed Nemphre.
Gave Arkion's Bloodstone Amulet and Nemphre's Onyx Ring to Ordulinian.
Killed Helshara, Ithmeera, Delorna and took the items they protected.
Returned the items Alatos.
Killed Resar and Alatos
Stole the Telescope from Hall of Wonders.
Gave the Telescope to Brevlik.
Killed Larze.
Collected Helm of Balduran.
Killed Arlin, Caturak, Nader, Pargus, Wilf.
Killed Degrodel's house guards.
Killed Vail, Rance, Cailan, Faizah Tin and Achen Dell.
Tried to get Cloak of Balduran from Quenash, but she wouldn't talk. (advice apriciated)
Gave Degrodel Helm of Balduran.
Killed Degrodel.

Posted Image


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@BlackStrider - Yeah, I wasn't quite expecting Melanari getting Charmed like that, and killing Imoen. However, I was trying to retreat, but Branwen wasn't out of her Morale break, or dead...So...That is how Melanari died.

@Lazy Vulpes - That was a couple of close calls! Keep up the progress though!

New Character:
Posted Image

Same mods, same difficulty. I'm not quite sure as to when I'm going to dual her to cleric though.


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Good luck SapphireIce101, & nice screenshots Lazy Vulpes.

I've had a couple of brief fails (2 level 2 party berserkers taking risks and a level 3 solo kensai almost killing an ankheg), not to be put off here's a third berserker. Burr the CE human male berserker

Imoen replaces Gorion and helps me rage Tarnesh so Jaheira and Khalid can join. We could split them up but that doesn't seem fair.

Marl, Firebead, Brage, Gnarl, Hairtooth, Samuel, a tree Dryad, Drienne, Joia, Bassilus Melicamp (success), Sil and Silke are quickly crossed off the to-do list.

Garrick is a late joiner, then we convince Korax the ghoul to help against Mutamin, basilisks and greater basilisks. We are careful to keep him away from two gnolls and a cave bear, disposing of them with arrows. I use my rage to attack Kirian while everybody else aims missiles at her. Once she is dead everybody switches to Peter while I attack Lindin to hold his attention as Korax arrives. His first hit stuns Lindin so he and I attack Baerin instead. With the area clear we rest and scatter as Korax attacks, and finish him off.

Nashkel mine is ours with a little help (screenshot taken later with scrollback text). We run into the amazons outside and despite my rage I have to glug an elixir of health after being poisoned. My sword and our missiles are too much for them, and we take no other injury.

Nimbul manages to cast mirror image and horror. My rage protects me while my companions are all shooting from a safe distance. Just as I prepare to receive a volley of magic missiles I find the right Nimbul with Varscona and fell him and his spare images.

Shoal the nereid has excited Garrick, he's thrown all his clothing and belongings to Jaheira, Khalid and Imoen before engaging in an over-enthusiastic kiss. We quickly encourage Shoal to raise him from the dead, freeing her from the clutches of Droth the ogre mage in return.

Algernon is not so lucky, Jaheira noticing her charm causes Tranzig to attack. We try to save him but all we can do is avenge this injustice.

At the bandit camp we clear the general area in one go, although I have to glug a few healing potions while fighting Taugosz Khosann (could have switched girdles to foil him a bit). After resting we enter the main tent and as Jaheira distracts Raemon the rest of us kill Venkt. Jaheira decides to keep her distance while the rest of us kill her attacker, then Hakt and Britik are removed too. Imoen deals with a trapped chest and we head into Cloakwood.

Aldeth Sashenstar is pleased with our assistance, while Seniyad perishes before his spell can be cast. Imoen is bitten in an ettercap ambush but saves against the poison, and we choose to escape instead of fight.

In the next part of Cloakwood we have to fight spiders and ettercaps, reaching and defeating Centeol. (Have to re-do all this map as the game crashed).
Our reputation is heroic (18) and the party have to stop me throwing my toys out of the pram and leaving :P

Burr, berserker 5. 82 kills, greater basilisk. Bastard Sword, Varscona long sword, non-proficient longbow.
Imoen, thief 6. 28 kills, lesser basilisk. Shortbow.
Jaheira, fighter 4 druid 5. 32 kills, sirine. Darts.
Khalid, fighter 5. 78 kills, Seniyad. Longbow, Longbow of Marksmanship.
Garric, bard 5. 18 kills, Peter. Crossbow, Light Crossbow of Speed.

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@Gate70 - Thanks, and nice progress! Keep up the awesome work.

Major Battle: Tarnesh
Tactics: Imoen used Wand of Magic Missile, which instantly killed Tarnesh before he could use his Mirror Image Spell. Xzar cast Chill Touch.
Posted Image

Major Battle:  Silke
Tactics: Jaheira buffed the party with Bless. Imoen used Wand of Magic Missile. Tiax used his Summon Ghoul spell which the Ghoul killed Silke. Anika leveled up.
Posted Image

Major Battle: Karlat
Tactics: Imoen used Wand of Magic Missile, which on the third time killed Karlat. Garrick was singing his Bard Song, and Jaheira used two potions of healing on herself.
Posted Image

Current Party:
Anika: Thief - 2
Imoen: Adventurer - 1
Jahiera: Fighter/Druid - 1/1
Khalid: Wizard Slayer - 1
Kivan: Archer - 1
Garrick: Blade - 1

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Lazy Vulpes

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SapphireIce101 wrote...
@Lazy Vulpes - That was a couple of close calls! Keep up the progress though!

Yeah, I nearly died by the first couple of Ankeghs I killed.  They could have snaped me in two :(

Anyway, here's a small update on my progress.
Killed the Ogre south of FAI.
Killed Caravan Bandit leader
Freed Shoal the Nereid from Droth.
Killed Shoal the Nereid.
Killed Sendai, Alexander and Delgod.
Killed Vax and Zal.
Killed Krumm and Caldo.
Killed Mutamin (used Potion of Mirrored Eyes)
Killed Kirian, Lindin, Baerin and Peter.
Killed Jardak and Drelik.
Killed Ragefast.
Killed Ramazith.
Returned the body of Casson to his father.
Collected Tome of Understanding.
Retrived Geas Removal Scroll.
Killed Jalantha Mistmyr.
Killed Marek.
Charmed Quenash and stole the cloak.

I'm planning to recruit kargan and shar-teel at some point, but I'm not sure if I should wait until I'm ready for durlags tower and the island., or if I should get them before that.

Edit: Oh yeah, and Edwin too.  I think I'm taking a lot of chnces due to no prebuffs and such.

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Nice Progress Vulpes! More bad news for me though.

Anika was killed by a glyph of warding as she tried to help a drow named Viconia out.
Posted Image

Oh well. I'm going to take another break from no reloads, and try again another time. Heh.


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Condolences SapphireIce101.

Burr the CE human male berserker
Mages first, then the scaredy-cats.

Hareishan forces me to glug a healing potion despite my electric resistance (then realised was only 25% instead of 75% as Imoen had the boots). Anyway, the mage is dead and more guards were injured in the making of this fight than party members. A few quick glugs sort that out, while Garrick and horror beats Jaheira and charm, so the friendly guard instead chooses to run around with his buddies. He helps when they recover, then we kill him and release Rill.

Yeslick looks the sturdy sort. I chuck him a war hammer, helm, shield, armour, gauntlets and girdle so he can fight by my side. Soon only Davaeorn remains, and Imoen has cleared four traps too.

Note: My install has Yeslick with *** in war hammer, assume this is caused by BGT as the only other mods are the BG2 Fixpack and Generalized Biffing. Have reduced to **, also worth mentioning that I altered Khalid (* sword & shield added to * longbow resulting in ** longbow, ** long sword switched to ** two handed sword) and Jaheira (** sling switched to dart, ** quarterstaff switched to dagger and dexterity modified to BG2 value as she would continue into BG2 through BGT).

Yeslick and Jaheira buff me then I enrage and attack, making sure I have the boots of grounding on. I take a lightning bolt in my stride, and a fireball in the next. My rage counters dire charm and hold person, and Yeslick rushes in followed by everybody else. Davaeorn has summoned assistance so while Yeslick and I melee his mirrors our companions throw missiles at an ettercap and ogre berserker.

My rage has worn off so I glug a healing potion as Yeslick finishes Davaeorn, then we help against the ogre. Garrick fails to memorise most of the nearby scrolls. At Firewine Bridge we avenge the death of Bentan by killing a few zombies and skeletons. Yeslick becomes the target for Meilum thanks to the boots of speed. Our way to Baldur's Gate is almost open, other than Yeslick being under constant attack from ankhegs. He's calmed down a child priesteds by the time we arrive, promising to look into the theft of a ceremonial bowl.

Baldur's Gate, a city of variety. First we grab a tome of dexterity, then get poisoned by Marek and escape the ennui of Desreta and Vay-ya. Yeslick blocks a horde of doppelgangers in the Merchant Consortium while we shoot them down, repeating this approach in the Seven Suns.

Garrick falls into the sewers and the clutches of Schlumpsha the Sewer King. We manage to rescue him, and try to find a way out. Instead we stumble across Ratchild and his kobold commando gang, and then an ogre mage and carrion crawlers. We report back to Scar and obtain an audience with Duke Eltan. He wants us to investigate the Iron Throne HQ but first we must sort out this poison. Jalantha Mistmyr tries for a deal, but our only message for child killers is to pen them into the dead book.

Abala the nymph is released, meaning Ramazith has retreated to the upper reaches of his tower. A pair of mustard jellies are first, then Khalid uses Spiders Bane to help me rage against a group of ghasts. I'm volunteered for the next bit, adding boots, cloak and girdle to my shield for an excessive missile adjustment. No sign of Ramazith anywhere (so ring +2 and amulet not available), but we have a magic tome and a few scrolls to show for our efforts. Jardak and his butler are less than accomodating, then Larze and Marek are dealt with before a brief trip to Durlags Tower. Jaheira uses her increased wisdom to suggest there is no point investigating further.

How not to do the Iron Throne HQ
We use spell buffs but stay away from the potions. Yeslick runs from a flame strike as Aasim is charmed and Diyab is shot down. Aasim stops casting his flame strike and tries to hold his companions instead. A confusion flies towards Yeslick so he runs right as everybody else runs left but Khalid and Garrick are too slow. This is messy, but at least the doppelganger is attacking Aasim and our confused people move a bit further before stopping.

I glug a potion of healing as Jaheira fatally stabs Zhalimar, then take a scorcher so share it with Gardush. Meanwhile we have suggested Aasim should move. He is scorchered too, and changes direction to burn the doppelganger.

Aasim collapses, leaving me alone with Gardush and the doppelganger. I turn to attack Naaman who is casting, while Jaheira and Imoen target Alai. Yeslick has hit Garrick and there is nothing we can do but hope for the best (very unlikely). I glug a healing potion then take a face full of magic missiles from Alai as Jaheira kills him with a dart. Garrick steps away, and suddenly the confusion clears. We immediately change tactics as a spell from Naaman is disrupted, but Jaheira yells I am on 13hp with a 15hp berserker drop imminent, so extreme danger.

I manage to glug a potion and move. Garrick has cast horror and moves too. Jaheira dooms Gardush and Yeslick holds him. Imoen immediately drops Naaman, I glug another potion then swat the doppelganger before it can kill Jaheira. Gardush is swarmed while held and our celebrations consist of watching Garrick memorise waste a bunch of scrolls.

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Lazy Vulpes

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And the adventure of Kethlan the Mighty continues.
Killed Taxek and Michael.
Killed a Greater Basilisk at the docks. (used Potion of Mirrored Eyes)
Killed the doppelgangers at seven suns.
Killed Sunin, Joular and Maka.
Killed false Emissary Tar, Aasim, Alai, Diyab, Naaman, Zhalimar Cloudwulfe and Gardush (used potion of - storm giant strength, power and invunability)
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Killed Thaldorn.
Got Fergus an Angle Skin Ring.
Killed Rieltar, Brunos, Tuth and Kestor.
Killed Prat, Sakul, Tam and Bor.
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Killed some spiders and two greater basilisks (used Potion of Mirrored Eyes)
Recruited Edwin. (apparently he's only level 4, I thought he'd be higher level)
Recruited Kagain. (lvl 6)
Recruited Shar-teel (lvl 4)
Killed Gnarl and Hairtooth.
Fetch the tome of leadership.
Killed Dynaheir.
Killed Arghain.
Killed Cythandria, Arghh and Ughh.
Killed Slythe and Krystin.
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Killed a few Greater doppelgangers and beat up Serevok. (used potion of - Power, Heroism and Storm Giant Strength)
Posted Image

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Good job at Iron Throne HQ, Gate! Keep rocking.

Excellent progress, Lazy Vulpes. Smash'em all! 

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Lazy Vulpes

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They shall taste my mighty staff! It makes people squirt their inner body fluids, and explode. :innocent: